Laser ablation technology lets you create products from scratch without limitation as our professional engineers use an entirely digital programming process which is then executed by top-of-the-line GF Agiecharmille’s high precision 5-axis laser machine imported from Switzerland. This Process eliminates restrictions to the shape of the mold and creates new possibilities in the textures that can be produced.

For toolmakers who require top quality texturing results and are bound by tight production cycles, the high location accuracy and application accuracy in microns that comes with this process provides the competitive edge. Besides, using laser ablation texturing alone in specific products can replace several processes like electroforming, EDM, and milling, thereby enhancing output efficiency.

Textures and grains on consumer products have seen great importance in the tool making process as this process distinguishes a product by adding physical and visual qualities. Traditionally, this process involves a chemical etching process that is donemanually and has its limitations in terms of the shape of the tool and the level of detail of the texture. Nowadays, as a result of increasing product choices for the consumer and high quality requirements from toolmakers, the mould texturing quality must also be further improved to meet these demands.
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