Why only laser engraving machine is suitable for laser mold texture ?

First of all, I simple introduce the difference between the three of Laser Cutting Machine, Laer marking machine and Laser engraving machine.

Laser cutting machine is the laser will be emitted from a laser machine, through the optical path system to focus on laser beam with high power density. Laser beam shoot into the steel plate surface to achieve fusing point, and high pressure gas with coaxial beam will fusing or gasification metal be blown away. As the movement of the relative position between laser beam and steel plate, finally to form slitting in steel plate, so as to achieve the goal of cutting.

It has the advantage of the invisible laser beam instead of the traditional cutters, with high accuracy, fast cutting, cutting pattern is not limited to restrictions, automatic typesetting and save materials, incision smooth, low processing cost etc. It will improve gradually and replace the traditional metal cutting processing equipment.

Laser cutting head of mechanical parts no touch with steel plate surface so that no scratches on steel plate surface in cutting process. Kerf width very norrow (0.1mm to 0.3mm) without burr, Plate material is very small for deformation.

Generaly speaking, no longer need to subsequent processing, and repeatability is good, not damage the steel plate surface, wide and big whole steel plate material can be cut easily, and don’t need to make mould, economic and save time.

Laser marking machine is more precise to laser ablation on the basis of laser cutting machine that it can achieve fine and uniform pattern. Direct drawing pattern in steel plate surface of flat surface or cambered surface. No concave-convex feeling obviously if fingers touch, and plays a beautiful and marked effect for products.

Laser engraving machine is on the basis of laser marking machine to develop more accurate, more delicate, more stereoscopic deeper engraved. In mold surface to achieve uneven stereoscopic pattern or grain shape by gasification technology engraved. Engraving depth can reach 0.5-1 mm, this is the traditional technology of mold texturing can’t reach the depth effect. It’s more used in mold surface finishing for laser mold texturing.

Process: we need customers provide the mould 3D drawing files and grain standard plaque or pattern. Firstly, use Coreldraw to do grain sample in computer, and then uniform paving it on mold cavity by three-dimensional simulation, save the PLT or PTL format and input laser texture machine, then we can press the start button to beginning laser engraving process.

Not only it can improve the efficiency of engraving, but achieve the grain and pattern with smooth, rounded or sharp, right angle aften engraved, such as woven grain and diamond pattern.

Laser engraving machine is widely used in automotive interior parts, electronics, electrical appliances, mobile phone, etc. other areas of the plastic parts, products grain and pattern domain. It will be replace the traditional mold texturing technology in the future.

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